The 1st International Squash Open Ettelbruck is … over!

Over 40 players competed in the different categories, which is a lot, considering that it was our first big tournament. During the whole weekend, the atmosphere was excellent, and we saw some great fights on the squash courts…

The party after the tournament was great as well. There was some good food, plenty of beer, and we had an excellent DJ: DJ Uwe P. Later in the evening we even had a breakdance demonstration… Wow!!!

Daniel Sharplin wins the
1st International Squash Open Ettelbruck

1. Sharplin Daniel
2. Kowalski Oliver
3. Post Oliver
4. Peters Uwe
1. Omlor Andreas
2. Howeelen Chris
Men A Ladies
1. Raval Neal 1. Denis Sandra
2. Voit Johannes 2. Jansen Valérie
3. Fraipont Jean-Marc 3. Donven Françoise
4. Voit Markus 4. Berens Rosi
Plate Plate
1. Schmees Thorsten 1. Philipps Jutta
2. Kjeldsen Dennis 2. Brimmeyer Sharon
Men B Men C
1. Britten Herbert 1. Marcel Kramer
2. Scheid Eberhard 2. Weber Arny
3. Siebenaler David    
4. Janitzki Roland    
Plate Plate
1. Berens Wolfgang    
2. Kiefer Klaus    

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