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Heures d’ouverture pendant les vacances d’été

16 juillet – 01 août inclus : 

Lu, Me, Ve :     de 16.00 hrs à 21.00 hrs

Ma, Je :            de 14.00 hrs à 21.00 hrs 

Sa, Di :             HALL FERME 

02 août – 14 septembre inclus:

Lu, Me, Ve :     de 16.00 hrs à 22.00 hrs

Ma, Je :            de 14.00 hrs à 22.00 hrs 

Sa :                   de 08.00 hrs à 22.00 hrs

Di :                    HALL FERME 

A partir du 15 septembre:        

Lu, Me, Ve :     de 16.00 hrs à 22.30 hrs

Ma, Je :            de 14.00 hrs à 22.00 hrs 

Sa :             de 08.00 hrs à 22.00 hrs

Di :                    HALL FERME 

Updated Covid measures

With the easing of Covid-19 restrictions, these are the new measures applicable as of 16 May and until further notice. Stay safe!

We are back!

Good news: squash courts will be accessible again from Monday 11 January onwards, with the sports hall closing a bit earlier than usual (21:45 on weekdays, 17:45 on Saturdays, closed on Sundays). A strict maximum of two players per court and the usual sanitary measures must be followed. Let’s play squash again!

Covid19 Closure

Due to the latest restrictions with regard to Covid19, the sports hall will be closed and the squash courts will not be accessible until further notice.

Modified opening times on Saturdays

Since many competitions do currently not take place and since many clubs have limited their training activities, the sports hall will already close at 8 PM on Saturdays.

No training during school holidays

Hi everyone – this is a quick reminder, that there are no training sessions during the (Luxembourgish) school holidays. We will be back on 9 November (depending on Covid19 restrictions). In the meantime, do not hesitate to book & use the courts: the sports hall stays open!

Covid19 – Updated measures

We have updated our rules and measures for our group training sessions:

  • Maximum of 4 players per court
  • No mixing of training groups
  • Mask is compulsory as soon as you leave the court (coaches will be wearing it at all times)
  • No touching of other players’ rackets (for example when simulating an exercise)
  • Start and end of all sessions strictly on time, to avoid too many people waiting around the squash courts
  • Usual safety measures: distancing, washing & disinfecting hands, etc.

Thanks for your understanding & cooperation and stay healthy everyone!

All competitions suspended

Please note that due to Covid19, the FSL has decided to suspend all competitions until further notice. More infos on the FSL website

Training fir Junioren

Discover Squash!

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