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Ettelbruck Squash Open 2014

Le weekend du 7 janvier, 28 joueurs se sont retrouvés à Ettelbruck, pour la 14ème édition de notre tournoi annuel.

Dans le tableau D, c’est Miguel Duarte (Pétange), qui s’impose en finale contre Christel Fourny (Arlon). Le tableau BC est gagné par notre joueur local Luca Nadalini, qui gagne 3-1 contre Arnaud Thielens d’Arlon. Filip Madaric (Sandweiler) gangen le tableau A, en battant Marcel Kramer (Ettelbruck) avec le score de 3 jeux à 1.

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Tournament Results

A DrawB/C DrawD DrawD2 Draw
1Filip MadaricLuca NadaliniMiguel DuarteAndrea Bernasconi
2Marcel KramerArnaud ThielensChristel FournyJoakim Rinne
3Timo RinneDavy BarichelloTom ZahnerSam Lippert

Ettelbruck Squash Open 2013

Le vendredi 1 et samedi 2 février, la 13ème édition de notre tournoi annuel a eu lieu au Hall sportif du Deich. 31 joueurs se sont battus dans 3 catégories différentes. Fait très rare pour un tel tournoi: aucun joueur a du abandonner, et ainsi, tous les match prévus ont été joués! Chapeau pour Marc Heath pour avoir continué à jouer, malgré un “cut” proche de son oeil, qui a du être soigné par notre médecin sur place! Merci Gérald!!

Dans le tableau A, Marc Radley a su prendre sa revanche pour sa défaite contre Marcel Kramer en 2011: Marc s’impose en fait en 4 jeus, et gagne ainsi le tournoi!

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A DrawBC DrawD Draw
1Mark RadleyAlexandre BressenSandro Krebs
2Marcel KramerLuca NadaliniMiguel Duarte
3Sandra DenisRoland JanitzkiMichèle Meyer

Ettelbruck Squash Open 2012

On Friday 3 and Saturday 4 February, 38 players competed in our annual open. The biggest draw was the C-Draw, with 16 players. Eric Mich defended his title there, and will surely play in the B-draw next year. The D-draw was convincingly won by Alexandre Bresson, winning all his games! The final of the B-draw opposed Renaud Parentelli and the Ettelbruck player Timo Mühlenthaler. Timo managed to pull out his best squash, and won 3-0! The A-draw was a round robin of 4 players, which was won by Nathan Sneyd. We were very happy to have a ladies draw, for the first time in more than 5 years! Congratulations to Patricia Ah-Kit for winning this one!

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Men A DrawLadies
1Nathan SneydPatricia Ah-Kit
2Uwe PetersKasia Golanska
3Herbert BrittenAgnes Henrion
B DrawC DrawD Draw
1Timo MühlenthalerEric MichAlexandre Bresson
2Renaud ParentelliChristopher JanitzkiStefan Razvan
3Roland JanitzkiMarc HeathJames Miles-Chris.

Ettelbruck Squash Open 2011

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A DrawB DrawC DrawD Draw
1Marcel KramerRenaud ParentelliEric MichDavy Barichello
2Mark RadleyMaxim LevitinKevin PerréAlain Dubuisson
3Guillaume PlanckeFrank PlegerMilos KuceckaMichel Schmit

Ettelbruck Squash Open 2010

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A/B DrawB DrawC DrawD Draw
1Marcel KramerPhilippe EgerAshley GloverMilos Kucecka
2Guillaume PlanckeArny WeberEmmanuel PletKian Samimi
3Daniel VerhoevenLucien GalanoThomas VölkeningMichel Schmit

Ettelbruck Squash Open 2009

Pour la  9ème édition de notre tournoi, 28 joueurs se sont déplacés vers Ettelbruck. Ils ont joué dans 2 tableau: A/B et C/D.

Dans le tableau C/D, c’est le jeune et talentueux Mark Lindsay qui s’impose face au Ettelbruckeois Thierry Petitjean.

Dans le tableau A/B, c’est l’Arlonais Patrick Willame, qui a montré sa classe en s’imposant 3-1 contre le joueur de Pétange Guillaume Planck.

A/B DivisionC/D Division
1Patrick WilliameMark Lindsay
2Guillaume PlanckeThierry Petitjean
PlateRenaud ParentelliEmmanuel Plet

Ettelbruck Squash Open 2008

Thanks to the 27 players who played this year’s edition of our tournament. We saw some good squash, and though the games were contested, the atmosphere was friendly.

The CD draw was won by Ettelbruck player Luca Nadalini, who played too strong for Hubert Vander Schueren. The B draw was again won by a strong Renaud Parentelli, who seems to always get good results in Ettelbruck! In the A draw Danny Hutchines was very sharp, and beat Stephane Ayache in straight games.

Thanks again to everybody, and see you next season!!

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A DrawB DrawCD Draw

Ettelbruck Squash Open 2006

On Friday 3 and Saturday 4 November, our annual tournament took place in Ettelbruck! 31 players competed in 3 draws: Men A (with a prize-money of 600 EUR), Men B and Men CD.

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Click here to read a report in German about the Open.

Ettelbruck Squash Open 2005

Raneem El Weleily is the winner of the Wispa Challenger tournament. The 16 year old from Alexandria beat Olga Puigdemont Sola in 5 thrilling sets, to win her first WISPA event. We’re quite sure it won’t be the last!!

30 players competed in the different draws, and had to fight hard, as the temperatures on court were near to 30°C. Thanks again to everybody who participated, or just visited us, and we hope to see you again next year!!

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WISPA ChallengeLadies B
1Raneem El WeleilyJutta Philipps
2Sola Olga PuigdemontPatti Linden
PlateNathalie Cornet
Men InternationalMen AMen BMen C
1Raj NandaNico MathieuJens OstergaardEric Pécheur
2Edgar SchneiderStéphane AyacheUlrich FettJeannot Funk
3Jan Ole BleilRudolf CroéMax BatailleThierry Petitjean-Aouadi

Ettelbruck Squash Open 2004

Ivy Pochoda wins the
Squash Open

54 players were competing in 5 categories. For the first time, the Ettelbruck Squash Open was a WISPA Challenger tournament, counting for the women’s world ranking.

8 women competed in this draw, and Ivy Pochoda (USA) beat Orla Noom from the Netherlands in a very tense and hard fought final. The game ended 3-2 in favor for Ivy. Congratulations!

The women’s B-field was won by Angélique Wiertz, who beat Jutta Phillipps in straight sets. After being on the edge of losing against our Nathan Sneyd, Raj Nanda beat Marc Burke 3-0 in the Men’s A-final. The Men B tournament was dominated by Tony Felfel from the Czech Republic. Let’s hope he fixes his shoe-problems soon… Finally in the Men CD we saw Keith Darlington cruise into the final, were he beat Renaud Parentelli 3-2.

Thanks again to all the participants. Squash Club Ettelbruck hopes that you all had a great weekend, and that you come back next year…

Picture Gallery

WISPA ChallengerLadies B
1Ivy PochodaAngélique Wiertz
2Orla NoomJutta Philipps
PlateJana SmeralovaLauren Crisp
Men AMen BMen C/D
1Raj NandaAntonin FelfelKeith Darlington
2Marc BurkeBert BoermanRenaud Parentelli
PlateRudolph CroéOle KorvaNicolas Rousselle

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