Court use

The squash courts of the Ettelbruck sports centre may only be used by club members or during official events and competitions. If you are not a member yet, you’ll find all relevant details on our membership page.

Book online

If you’re already a member, connect to your OpenResa account below to book a court. Please note that our old booking platform (Skedda) is no longer in use.

In order to guarantee good availability of courts to all of our members, please note the following booking restrictions:

  • A time slot is 30 minutes by default. The duration of the time slot can be changed (shorter or longer),
  • You cannot reserve more than 90 minutes per day and you cannot reserve more than 10 slots (5 hours) in advance,
  • Courts can be booked maximum two weeks in advance,
  • It will not be possible to use your account if you have not yet paid your season membership fee.